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Death Race Movie Downloads - Desktop Wallpapers, Backgrounds & Buddy Icons

Have fun with Death Race downloads featuring images and scenes from the upcoming film. Decorate your home and work computers with fun wallpapers and buddy icons from the movie to show everyone how excited you are for the August 22nd release date.

Here you’ll find Death Race downloads like wallpapers. These wallpapers feature scenes and characters from the movie, including an adrenaline-pumping scene from the race with all the cars taking a curve. Another Death Race download wallpaper shows Ames strolling through the prison in his mask as his fellow prisoner cheer, or possibly jeer him. You may also choose a wallpaper featuring Ames and his female navigator posing by their Mustang or you could choose a wallpaper with the image of three of the race cars from Death Race. Downloads also include buddy icons you can use on your IM programs or in social networking profiles. You can choose a buddy icon with the film’s star, Jason Statham rotating with the logo and release date for Death Race. Download a buddy icon featuring Tyrese Gibson as Machine Gun Joe or Natalie Martinez as Case. Finally you can choose a buddy icon with an image of Ames’ race car.

Be sure to share these Death Race downloads with your family and friends who may be interested in seeing the film on August 22nd. Until then, read the Death Race story synopsis, watch the Death Race movie trailer, and check out Death Race photos and still shots from the film.

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