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Wanted Movie Downloads

Wanted Downloads, Desktop Wallpapers, Buddy Icons, Wanted Icons & Wallpapers - In Theaters June 27, 2008

Wanted rolls into theaters on June 27, but until then, you can enjoy Wanted movie downloads like these desktop images. You can also download Wanted movie icons on the website. Use these fun tools to help build your excitement for this upcoming film.

The first desktop in these Wanted movie downloads shows Wes in a leather jacket, looking almost unsure at the weapon in his hand. For fans of the dashing James McAvoy, this image is sure to please. The next desktop in the Wanted movie downloads shows a smokey-eyed Fox with Wes looking over her shoulder in the background. Another of the Wanted movie downloads for your desktop shows a very sexy Fox lying across the hood of the car with a gun. Angelina Jolie fans may wish to choose this image to decorate their desktop.

Yet another image in the collection of Wanted movie downloads includes fan favorite Morgan Freeman pointing and odd-looking gun at someone. Perhaps one of the most fascinating images in the Wanted movie downloads shows an image of a man that appears as if it is shattered glass. Can we infer something about the movie from this eerie image?  

Find out how the Wanted movie plot unfolds when it hits theaters on June 27. Until then, enjoy these Wanted movie downloads to decorate your computer desktop at home and at work. Be sure to also check out the Wanted movie trailer and the Wanted movie image gallery to find out more about this upcoming film.

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