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Wanted Movie Icons

Wanted Movie Downloads - In Theaters June 27, 2008

If you can’t wait for the movie Wanted to open in theaters on June 27, you can find everything you need, like downloads of Wanted movie icons, to feed your excitement. You can also find Wanted movie downloads like desktop wallpapers to decorate your computer.

Download Wanted movie icons to decorate your instant messenger window or your social networking profiles. Each of these Wanted movie icons rotates with the name of the film, an image from the film, and the character’s name. There are six different icons so you can change them out as often as you want. You can choose a Wesley icon with James McAvoy on it or a Fox icon with Angelina Jolie. These Wanted movie icons also include Morgan Freeman as Sloan and Common as The Gunman. Finally you can choose a Wanted movie icon that says The Fraternity and has the bee logo on it.

Feel free to share these Wanted movie icons with your friends and family to get them excited to go with you to see how the Wanted movie plot unfolds in June. Don’t forget to watch the Wanted movie trailer and view the Wanted movie image gallery while you’re looking around this website. Enjoy your Wanted movie icons every time you IM!

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