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Wanted Movie Trailer

James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman - In Theatres June 27, 2008

The Wanted Movie Trailer is available for you to view on this website. It will give you a feel for the Wanted movie plot and will introduce you to the characters and the actors who portray them to get you ready for the movie’s theatrical release on June 27.

As you see the Wanted Movie Trailer begin playing, you see James McAvoy’s mousy-looking character Wes in a store when Angelina Jolie’s sultry character Fox sidles up beside him. She tells him she knew his father, but he explains to her that his father died the week he was born. Fox seems to surprise him by saying that his father really died the day before. Wes seems intrigued, even if perplexed, but this doesn’t last long. Next during the Wanted Movie Trailer, Fox tells him his father was a great assassin, but that there is another great assassin right behind him. She shoves him out of the way as she whips out a gun and shoots the would-be assassin.

Next you see Wes entering what appears to be a castle and you hear Morgan Freeman’s character Sloan’s voice welcoming Wes to The Fraternity and explaining that the gun he’s holding belonged to his father. As the Wanted Movie Trailer continues, you see Fox and Sloan attempting to train Wes to become an assassin, but clearly, he is going to need a lot of practice. Sloan tells Wes he has a choice of whether to remain ordinary and boring or to take control of his own destiny and join The Fraternity, whose purpose is to maintain stability in an unstable world.

In the Wanted Movie Trailer, you get a sneak peek of the amazing action sequences and adrenaline pumping stunts you can expect. You see Wes begin to develop from a meek office worker into a confident fighter. He even shares a steamy kiss with the ultra-sexy Fox.

As you watch the Wanted Movie Trailer, you will no doubt be intrigued and will be left wanting more. You can check out the Wanted movie image gallery and enjoy Wanted movie downloads to build excitement while you’re waiting for the film. Also be sure to share the Wanted Movie Trailer with your family and friends to give them a taste of what’s to come when the movie arrives in theaters on June 27.

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